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content marketing

What does it bring you!

The SEO content marketing solution  brings customers without advertising

In simple terms, the content marketing solution, also known as inbound marketing, consists of creating content to position yourself on Google so that potentials clients who are looking for a product, a service or information related to your field, come directly to you.

In other words, we let the customer come to us.

A 15 minute call to exchange better


How it works ?

Appear  the 1st when the customer comes looking for solutions to his needs on Google

Before, during and after the purchase of a service, Internet users have both general and specific questions, and they conduct various searches to find answers. Your company should be the first to provide answers and solutions to their questions.

To ensure your success, you will need the three key elements of SEO content marketing



regularly optimized

Graphics, ergonomics, architecture and all technical aspects to ensure a good user experience and drive results.



created for customer needs

Text, visuals, videos etc...publish on your website, your social networks and the various platforms where you are present online. This quality and targeted content, that will attract potential customers to come and find answers on your website and then contact you.



Make yourself known

Here we combine several  techniques that allow your company to be the best known and most requested on Google.

Want to know what SEO content marketing can do for you?

A preview of results that you will get!

25000+ searches per month

In your area, there are at least 25,000 searches on Google each month related to your products, your services and your business. This number varies upwards depending on the sector.

57% traffic for the top 3

The top 3 websites receive approximately 60% of search volumes. This figure varies upwards depending on the presence or absence of rich content like yours.

8%become your customers

Depending on the sector, between 8 and 30% of natural visitors to your site become your customers or recommend you to others.

Who is SEO content marketing for?

You are a professional or a small company in activity

You do B to C services (medicine; health/well-being; decorator; apprenticeship courses; travel agency, etc...)

You do B to B products or services (Finance; training; professional work; materials for companies; services for companies, etc...)

You want to invest in your online presence to grow your business or start a new project  (site, content, SEO).

You are looking to work with  a marketing partner who will be engaged with you as one of your direct collaborators and not a contractor.

Our solutions have helped many professionals and companies 

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You have a project ?


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