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Outbound content


What does it bring you!

ADS content marketing allows you toreach a large audience with your offers 

Ads content marketing, also called outbound content, consists of creating content for advertising campaigns on online media channels to reach a large audience and generate sales online or in a store.

In other words, you are going to get the customer.

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How it works ?

Contact and follow up regularly with potential customers until get demand

Unlike SEO content where we create content for customers who come to you because they have a need, with ADS content it is we who go to find the customer to create a need in him. This often leads to a significant amount of sales. ADS content is a multi-step process during which we contact and follow up with customers regularly.

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For the success of your ADS content marketing strategy, you will need these elements



A website optimized to deliver a great user experience and landing pages to drive results at every stage of the customer sales journey.



Social media content, videos, landing page content, product descriptions, etc... to be published on your website, your social networks and the various platforms where you are present online. 



An advertising campaign consists of a main ad to present the offer followed by many follow-up ads to obtain sales. Depending on the level of competition you need a certain budget.

Want to get an idea of what Ads content marketing can bring you?

A preview of results that you will get!

5 Million+ people online

Every day, there are at least 5 million people on social networks and search engines that can be reached by advertising your offers.

21% qualified visitors

With a well-targeted audience, on average 21% of people who click on your ad to find out more about what you offer are interested people.

3%become your customers

When the sales tunnel is well established, between 3 and 10% of qualified visitors to your site become your customers or recommend you to other people.

Chef d'entreprise dans un atelier

Who is Ads content marketing for?

You are an e-commerce or a company in activity

You market consumer products for individuals (food, well-being, telephone, clothing, etc.)

You market consumer products for company (paper, printing, office consumables, etc.)

You want to invest in your online presence to increase your sales or launch a new product.

You are looking to work with  a marketing partner who will be engaged with you as one of your direct collaborators and not a contractor.

Our solutions have helped many professionals and companies 

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